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iCode believes in the creative power of co-creation and therefore seeks to engage a community of people who are willing to give their resources and skills in exchange for the development of the society. Besides, we hold in high esteem people who are willing to extend the vision of iCode “to provide solutions to help students, teachers, parents and schools excel in a digital world.”

iCode seeks a community of digital trainers and programmers. The need for technology innovation and training is increasing and volunteers are an absolute necessity in closing the technology divide. Volunteer digital trainers and programmers enable us to serve exponentially more people throughout Ibadan and her environment.

iCode transform the lives of people in need. Digital literacy skills that you might take for granted and that you might believe everybody should know such as using a keyboard and mouse, searching the Internet, communicating online, and creating a resume are vital skills that many people lack. By volunteering to be a trainer, you might help people who are about to be thrown out of their jobs because they lack basic digital skill and could not upgrade themselves.

You can feel the joy of helping someone learn to use a computer, apply online for public housing, apply for a much-needed job, or Skype with a loved one thousands of miles away. Volunteer opportunities are available today for tutors, assistant instructors, translators, and anyone with a passion for digital literacy. Help transform lives by volunteering to teach digital literacy to the Ibadan citizenry and low-income residents in need.

Does your company employ tech-savvy individuals who want to share their skills with others and give back to the community? As more information and essential services migrate online, many Ibadan residents lack the technology or knowledge needed to gain access. iCode connects tech-savvy volunteers with individuals in need of training, and we provide the resources needed for effective digital literacy training. Our digital volunteer trainers are placed in a community partner location based on their interests, schedules, and availability. Are you passionate about digital literacy? Do you want to help community members in need? Join the Digital Literacy team at iCode

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