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Return On Investment


Get tangible returns on your education-software investment. Improve your ROI on these investments by ensuring all your students have the digital literacy skills to fully benefit from these tools and devices.


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Be a Partner

Be a Partner


Training a community and building solutions for their challenges is not a one man job. It is an effort of collaboration. iCode would not exist without her partners. These are people who show great initiatives towards creating events that expose people to the technology training them on certain digital skills that enhance growth.


However, we seek a community of partners who can contribute towards digital literacy in terms of providing the key context that shapes our training. We appreciate partners who can facilitate digital training outside iCode with their own facilities. Our partners are in these categories.


Project Partners hire us to provide on-site digital literacy training.


Interested in becoming a partner? Do you lack the resources to provide in-house educational programming to potential users of your computer center? We offer customized, low-cost, sustainable computer center training services to strengthen the educational impact of your computer center.


Email us or fill our partners’ form to start a relationship with us.


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