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iCode School

(Learn by doing)   Learning to code teaches you how to think. iCode School is open to all age groups and is designed to engage. At the iCode School, you get the chance to learn both on-line & offline while learning at your own pace.   Weekend Classes iCode School is designed to specifically fit your schedule as Classes holds  on Weekends (10am-1pm) only while practice holds  Mon- Fri , 10am-6pm HTML5 PYTHON SCRATCH DIGITAL ARTS  ...

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iCode On Wheel

iCode on wheel is an innovation to bring coding to schools, communities and youth groups.   Having run several coding summer camps and seeing the turn up people in our communities and conducting a research, we realized that the cost of setting up media centres, computer clubs with internet access may not make this opportunity available to many schools and groups.   Therefore, we created a mobile truck equipped with computer, flat-screens, power supply Internet and play stat...

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Icode Club

As part of our plan to reach more schools, students as well as educators and get them acquainted with the fun of learning how to code, we do not hesitate to organize a coding club  in schools that grant us access to found a coding club in their institution. Therefore, are you a teacher or an educator and would like to have a coding club right in your school for students and teachers to learn and have fun? Speedily contact us and we will reach back to you. (Insert Pictures showing kids le...

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What We Do

Return On Investment

Get tangible returns on your education-software investment. Improve your ROI on these investments by ensuring all your students have the digital literacy skills to fully benefit from these tools and devices.

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What We Do

On site

Live classrooms in which teachers would be tutored by seasoned tech instructors based on technological programs in partnership with IBridge Hub and STEM @ IBridge Hub

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